Step By Step Upgrade Process from Windows 7 To Windows 10

Steps to upgrade

This is the upgrade process, but the main trend is to upgrade from Windows 7 32 bit version to Windows 10 32 bit version and then to clean install the WINDOWS 10 64 bit version.

It seems that it is not possible to install a 64 bit version of WINDOWS 10 directly on a PC with a 32 bit version of Windows 7 installed. I tried to install directly during this work, but still not possible.

1. Download the WINDOWS 10 Setup tool

First, download the “WINDOWS 10 Setup Tool” To download the setup data to upgrade to WINDOWS 10 from the official site.

There are two types of this tool for 32 bit and 64 bit, but both are functionally the same, and you can download WINDOWS 10 setup data for both 32bit and 64bit. Because I am currently using a 32-bit version of Windows 7/8.1, I download it for 32bit.

Download WINDOWS 10 Setup Data

Then, download the “64 bit version of WINDOWS 10 setup data” using the downloaded tool. It is also good to download the setup data for the 32 bit version, but it comes with the ability to upgrade to WINDOWS 10 in the Setup tool, Windows 10 from Windows 7 32bit version You don’t have to bother downloading it to upgrade to 32 bit version.

When you start the tool, you will see the above screen first. Select Create installation media for other PCs and click Next.

Select the language “Japanese”, “Windows 10 Pro (Home Edition)”, “64-bit (x64)” In the architecture, and click “Next”.

On the Select Installation media screen, choose whether to create a USB storage or create an ISO file for DVD creation.

This time, choose USB storage. After the creation is complete, exit the tool and remove the USB storage.

Upgrade to WINDOWS 10 32bit version using the tools

After you have created the USB storage, use the tool to upgrade from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 10 32bit. If you start the tool and select “Upgrade this PC now” and select “Next”, the upgrade to WINDOWS 10 will begin immediately.

The upgrade to the WINDOWS 10 32bit version is completed when proceeding as the guide of the screen displayed, such as the screen to accept the license Terms and the selection of contents to WINDOWS 10.

When you open the System display screen from the Control Panel, you can see that it has been upgraded to the WINDOWS
10 Pro 32bit version.

Change the 32bit version to 64bit

Now that you have successfully upgraded to WINDOWS 10, the next task is to change the 32bit version to 64bit. Once you have created the Windows 10 64bit version of the setup data to start the PC with the USB storage plugged into the PC, clean installation of WINDOWS 10 begins.

If the start screen of Windows is displayed as usual even if I start to plug in USB storage, it is necessary to set to give priority to read the USB by opening the settings screen of the boot Device order screen and the BIOS.

In general, the change of boot device ranking screen is often able to display when you press F12 or F8 when you start your computer, the BIOS configuration screen is often able to display when you press the DELETE or F2 key when you start your computer.

However, the procedure to change the BIOS settings and the order of the boot device is different depending on the manufacturer and the model of the computer, please check the details in the manual. When the WINDOWS10 Setup screen opens, proceed to the screen guide.

Select “Custom: Install Windows only” below on the “Choose the type of installation” screen.

You will be asked to enter your product key twice in the process, but you can omit it by selecting Skip or Next. This is because the system automatically authenticates the product key for computers that already have WINDOWS 10 installed. If you are installing on a new HDD or SSD, you will need to enter the WINDOWS 10 product key.

If you check the screen of the system after the clean installation process is complete, it has been changed from the 32bit version to the 64bit version, and the Windows license has been firmly certified. In addition, the usable size of the memory increases from 2.8 GB to 3.68 GB, and it is likely to be able to afford when the memory consumption is large.

Now the upgrade from Windows7 32bit version to WINDOWS10 64bit version is completed successfully.

After that, it is completed by re-putting the various settings and individual installed programs, personal data, etc. that are no longer clean installation work. The desktop and the Operation screen has changed to a Windows 10 pc, I feel like when I use a new PC for the first time is good (laughs)

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