Get to know the Best Florida Dorms (and their Flaws)

You always dreamed of sending your kids to college and being able to afford to pay school and all the other expenses that come along, you put together the best team of electricians to work for you and created a electric company that you only could see in your dreams, but guess what; now is a reality.

techno dorm

With over a dozen employees (team leaders) taking care of business and a sales team that you are proud of are able to pay the tuition that your parents couldn’t get you and your son and you daughter and going in the right path to become the professionals you envisioned.

The only problem that we can see now is that the university is expensive; I mean we are talking about over $30,000.00 every six months, and living expenses.

At least that first semester is already gone and you pay over $500.00 to keep your daughter in a decent dorm where she can feel save and you can sleep at ease knowing that she is in a safe place.

Now that your son has also join her, you came up with the great idea of buying a big property where you can be the property owner on your own dorm facility.

Of course since you know so many people In the construction business you had to have along deep talk to your wife deciding on the king of house your where going to get to convert into a mini dorm complex.

Of course, your wife wanted the perfect property with ready to move rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and doors and on the other hand, you got the fixer upper.

At least you were smart about it and got a big house with good bones and lot of backyard space so can add a beautiful pool, the tennis court of your dreams and a nice half of basketball court.

It took more than 3 months and $40,000 to renovate and have all the security features that you wanted and know that you are finish with it the value increased by 30% of the original price and making a monthly income of $4,000.00, which make the mortgage payments, and leaves you with some money to go towards your kids’ education.

Good Job Thunder !!!