The “Perks” of being a College Freshman

Aren’t ‘Perks’ supposed to be a positive incentive?


With all of the modern campuses being caught up in the amenities arms race, it would be hard to blame any freshman for expecting a cushy suite and flat screen TV.

Most colleges have a residence hall or two that you will not see on the campus tour and they are the ones that look like the dorms of olden days.
Actually, they are the old dorms from back in the day. They were built in the middle of the last century or older than that and they have survived to the dismay and shock of new freshman with their cinder-block aesthetic and dingy common rooms, air conditioning is a luxury from a long distance away.

The bathrooms are few, crowded and nasty

There are the compensations though. Older dorms happen to be the cheapest and cramped quarter’s foster friendships, according to the students. But does that actually stop the freshmen from anticipating new lodgings with the New Year coming up.

When Alexis Block was moving into Hill last fall, her father stated that it looked like the same one he was in during the 1980’s. She stated that it wasn’t something you wanted to hear.

A brick type of fortress that happens to be surrounded by a moat, the Hill was designed in the 1950’s by Eero Saarinen. The rooms are narrow and small and some of the first floor windows have bars on them. It can be quite hot in the early fall with the air conditioning over the next few years, the website warns freshmen to bring fans.

The incoming Penn freshmen prefer to stay at Quadrangle, the century old Gothic Tudor complex that is made of all graceful courtyards and masonry curlicues. When most of your friends live in the Quad, and they are talking about how comfortable it is, all you can think about is how you sweat all night and it’s like Hill really sucks according to Alex Kaplan, who lived at Hill for the last academic year and he still insists that he loved it.


The Quad which is made up of three houses, has its own flaws. It is leaky, and old according to Jacob Kahn, who spent last year there, stated it was also infested with vermin including pink, long insects which he had never seen before. Well, I would figure that at least the windows would be hurricane proof if there were any hurricanes in the area…we think!

dorm bathroom
The university is building a new dorm, a $95 million, 12 story complex on the Iowa River with a dining hall, clusters of private bathrooms, gym, and it is to be completed in 2017. Before it opens, Iowa will demolish one of their oldest dorms, which happens to be a low brick building that was created in World War I as barracks, but now houses freshman who consider themselves quite unlucky. According to Riley Coyle, it smells like it’s a hundred years old and it’s a mixture of old people and mildew.

There is virtually no water pressure, when the plumbing is working. Cockroach sightings are normal and Coyle’s bed is just an arms length from her roommates. She is happy to just have one roommate because some house four people. She calls it the aesthetic of the insane asylum.

Do we open our eyes wider when we become parents?

When we become parents for the first time, and when I say become parents for the first time I mean as soon as we realize we are pregnant, one of the first things the majority of us think, or dream about (or dread about) is how am I going to pay for my child to go to college, where will he or she go to college (location, at home or at the dorm, same state or different continent),  and how my child will do at an university without me.

We tend to overlook at every detail, even though the details are pretty much already pre-written for us and we pretty much have a follow thru guide to base it on.  Of course, they will be curves and obstacles to overcome to arrive at the “pre-mediated” checklist for “the college life for parents”.

As many years passes and your little bundle of joy who once was an 8 pounds little baby is now fully grown and ready to set his or her way, to learn, fall and get back up!

As there are  many paths to follow, or create that you for seed when college came around, it still hits you like a rock, coming at you at 100 miles per hour, and you are just as surprised as if you never knew that day was going to come, or arrive.

Many parents (or the kids themselves) choose the whole ‘college experience’ where living on campus is considered a must.  Surely, you do not need to live on campus to get the whole experience but to many this is the only way. For the parents they are somewhat relieved thinking it is a safe way that they “little ones” are always so close to the school’s officials and the library (Ahhh), and to the kids the whole being close to new and old friends, sleeping under their own roof is another word for freedom.

Another aspect of living on campus is the whole buy your own furniture and make your personality shine with your whole 50 square feet of space.  Not that the kids mind the ‘small’ space because it’s their OWN space.  Most dorms will provide a bed (twin), a desk with a chair, maybe a nightstand and a closet (most times to be shared).  When it comes to “personalizing” your space that are a few (or many) things you need.  From bedspreads to pillow cases to carpets (please make sure that they are cleaned once in a while because you don’t even know how nasty it gets so quickly)…a place near campus should be a mandatory small business and a mandatory once a month cleaning should be also a requirement.  I don’t even want to think about cleanliness in that little space of kid heaven.  The desk and chair should have a small garbage can, a laptop, paper, printer, pens, stapler, calculator and other specific items needed for specific needs from the individual.  Closest should be made for convenience and as little clothes possible, since you will sharing.

College life on campus seems overwhelming at times, but the reward of independence and value is huge and mostly appreciated from both parents and children the same.

Get to know the Best Florida Dorms (and their Flaws)

You always dreamed of sending your kids to college and being able to afford to pay school and all the other expenses that come along, you put together the best team of electricians to work for you and created a electric company that you only could see in your dreams, but guess what; now is a reality.

techno dorm

With over a dozen employees (team leaders) taking care of business and a sales team that you are proud of are able to pay the tuition that your parents couldn’t get you and your son and you daughter and going in the right path to become the professionals you envisioned.

The only problem that we can see now is that the university is expensive; I mean we are talking about over $30,000.00 every six months, and living expenses.

At least that first semester is already gone and you pay over $500.00 to keep your daughter in a decent dorm where she can feel save and you can sleep at ease knowing that she is in a safe place.

Now that your son has also join her, you came up with the great idea of buying a big property where you can be the property owner on your own dorm facility.

Of course since you know so many people In the construction business you had to have along deep talk to your wife deciding on the king of house your where going to get to convert into a mini dorm complex.

Of course, your wife wanted the perfect property with ready to move rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and doors and on the other hand, you got the fixer upper.

At least you were smart about it and got a big house with good bones and lot of backyard space so can add a beautiful pool, the tennis court of your dreams and a nice half of basketball court.

It took more than 3 months and $40,000 to renovate and have all the security features that you wanted and know that you are finish with it the value increased by 30% of the original price and making a monthly income of $4,000.00, which make the mortgage payments, and leaves you with some money to go towards your kids’ education.

Good Job Thunder !!!